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4Bidding Buyer’s Guide

Can anyone bid on the auction?
To bid on a 4Bidding auction bidders must be 18 years of age or older and register with a valid credit card prior to bidding. Bidders agree that they have read the Terms and Conditions and understand the terms are binding. All registration information the Bidder provides to 4Bidding must be current, complete, and accurate.

Why do I have to register?
You must register to participate in the online auction so that 4Bidding can contact you at the close of the auction if you are a winning bidder. No deposit is required to register and to participate in the auction. Please read our Privacy Policy about how your personal information is protected.

How do I Place a Bid?
4Bidding online auction website lets you see what items are available for each auction and see how much time is left to bid. You can view the items without registering, however if you want to bid you must first register. You will also have to agree to follow the auction rules (Terms and Conditions) and obtain a username and password.

Can I place bids before the bidding starts?
No, bids are not accepted until bidding starts. However, you may pre-register to receive your user name and password. You may also browse the items placed in the online auction.

Why should I register a maximum bid amount?
We recommend that bidders put in their maximum bid when placing a bid online. This does not mean you will have to pay the amount you bid; you only pay one bid more than the next highest bid, and only up to your maximum bid. The software system will play out the bids and only uses the funds required to beat out the under-bidder at the prescribed bid increment.

Can I bid on more than one item?
Yes, you can bid on as many items as you wish. Each item is sold separately from every other item, so you have the opportunity to win each item. You can track your bids by clicking the View Bid History button after logging in. You may check the status of your bid at any time.

Can I change or cancel my bid?
No, once a bid is placed it cannot be changed or cancelled. All sales are final. No exceptions! If you place a bid and your bid is determined to be the winning bid, you are obligated to pay for the item(s) that you have won at the price you gave as your bid. All goods are sold on an ‘as is, where is’ basis, with all faults.

What is a soft close?
Items close at regular intervals. To prevent a bidder from ‘sniping’, all bids made in the last minute of the auction will force an item to stay open for an additional 3 minutes. This will continue until all bidding has ceased.

How do I know I won?
If you are the high bidder, you will receive an email within 24hrs. of the auction closing. This email will have complete instructions on payment and item pick up. A Buyer’s premium of 10% of the bid price will be added to the price of each item purchased.

What is a Buyer’s Premium?
A 10% buyers (bidder) premium is added to every purchase on completion of the auction. Buyer’s premium means that 10% will be charged in addition to HST on the purchase of an item. Taxes are not an additional buyer’s premium as taxes must be charged by every legal legitimate business.

What methods of payment are accepted for the online auction?
Payment for purchases will be made by the credit card you registered with and full payment is to be made at the conclusion of the sale. Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted.

Are taxes included in my bid or purchase price?
Taxes are not included in your bid. All sales are subject to 10% HST and taxes are calculated after the buyer’s premium has been determined.

Do you ship goods?
No, you are responsible for making all arrangements for merchandise pick-up and /or removal. We do not ship, supply tools, packing material or assist with moving your purchases. Please bring help to move any large items.

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