Book Your Pickup Time Online

Did you win something in the last auction for 2020
…that closed on Thursday, November 12th?

If so, then you’re in the right place, as advertised the pickup date for this auction is Saturday, November 14th. Simply click on that date below to see what spots are available, and book your pickup time…

Please be aware of a few points:

  • You ARE allowed to bring more than just yourself to the pickup, to help load your item(s) into your vehicle. Just don’t make it a family reunion please ;)…
  • Please use the SAME contact name and information that you used on the auction, for registering your pickup time. We’ve run into a few cases where “Dave” won the items, but “Bill” was coming to pickup – so when we see “Bill” on the pickup time slot, we have no idea who “Bill” is and what he’s won.
  • If you don’t see a preferred time slot listed on the calendar, it means that particular spot is filled up. We are allowing 4 bookings every 15 minutes for Covid reasons, so (sorry) it just means you have to pick a different time slot.

THANKS for your cooperation, and we hope you have a GREAT day!! We’ll see you on Saturday…

Booking Calendar

ameliabooking ….all done for 2020.