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We provide appraisals of all types and we offer written, professionally designed Personal Property Appraisals, not including Real Estate. As part of the appraisal, you will receive a detailed report outlining the value(s) for your personal or business items including household contents, furniture, antiques, collectibles, vehicles, art, and more.

Online Auctions

Will will setup and manage your online Estate, Downsizing or Consignment auction. Perfect for any personal residential or commercial needs.  Be sure to read the “HiBid” information below, about our exposure with auctions.


Let us help you sort through your things, and even design an organizing system that works! Let’s reduce, reuse and recycle items you do not want, use or need!

Organizing, Decluttering & Donating

By living in an organized way, you can significantly improve your levels of stress, lateness, and forgetfulness. Do you find yourself thinking that your mess is getting the better of you? We will help you declutter, sort, and scale your possessions.


Moving to a new spot? Smaller? Bigger? Going somewhere that’s completely different than what you’re in now? We will make your transition easy and painless.   We can pack, unpack, clean, and help you get from one location to another with ease.

CPPAG - Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group

We have fully certified appraisers on staff who can formerly appraise your unique personal property pieces.  The CPPAG is a Canadian based appraisal organization with accredited appraisers from coast to coast.

NASMM - National Association of Senior Move Managers

As a NASMM member, we specialize in helping adults and their families with the process of downsizing and moving to a new residence.  We will help you with all aspects of your transitional move expertly and compassionately.

HiBid Online

HiBid is our main portal for all of our online auctions.  It’s a website that not only has a national following throughout Canada and the US, it also has province specific websites as well.  This gives us the unique ability to showcase our auctions to tens-of-thousands of people each week, for maximum exposure.  It’s not uncommon for us to have well over 10,000 views on each auction we have.

Very friendly people who are very helpful with downsizing and auction services. And as a vintage collector I watch with anticipation to see what's coming up on the latest auctions - always something interesting!

– Heather Huston

My #1 go-to online auction house. People are great and there is always something wonderful to bid on. I've bought a number of items from 4Bidding and have always been very pleased with their customer service. Bar-none the best local online auction house in the Tri-City area.

 – Christine H.

They take great care in ensuring they have everything cleared out of the clients home that they wish to get rid of and do so in a timely manner. Very impressed with their organization and their urgency they put into making sure everything is done in a reasonable amount of time.

 – Mason Leite

Had a great first experience using 4Bidding! Got my first win last week! Got a beautiful antique night side table! So in love with it! Loved the selection of the first auction, and looking forward to future auctions!

– Shannelle Weert

The descriptions of items are honest. They appear as they say, very helpfull and friendly. Had great experience with them as a buyer , will buy from them again fore sure!!!!

– Tony

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